Okahandja Plastic Converters Products

Water Tanks

We offer a wide range of manufactured plastic products.  
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Volume 7 500Lt
Height 1.80m
Diameter 2.30m

Volume 7 500Lt
Height 1.80m
Diameter 2.30m

Volume 10 000Lt
Height 3.00m
Diameter 2.20m

Volume 5 000Lt
Height 2.30m
Diameter 1.85m

Volume 3 500Lt
Height 2.20m
Diameter 1.4m

Volume 1 800Lt – Slimline
Height 1.85m
Diameter 1.10m

Volume 2 500Lt
Height 1.80m
Diameter 1.40m

Volume 1 000Lt
Height 1.30m
Diameter 1.14m

Volume 500Lt
Height 0.60m
Diameter 1.10m

Volume 140Lt
Height 790mm
Diameter 510mm

Information and specifications for installation of plastic water tanks:

  • Place tank on a solid, flat, level surface.
  • Avoid the use of steel pipes.
  • Use plastic pipes to inlet / over flow / outlet.
  • Plastic water tanks carry a warranty of 3 years against faulty workmanship or material.
  • Okahandja Plastic Converters will not be responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing any tank if the above requirements
    are not adhered to, at the warranty of the tank will be immediately be null and void.